MAV Technology ICT Strategy

The MAV Technology ICT Strategy 2015-18 was officially launched on 26 March 2015.

The key drivers for the strategy were:

1. The need to improve customer experience in an environment of increasing expectation;

2. The need to improve efficiency of council operations; and 

3. The need to improve ICT service provision capability across the sector.

The successful implementation of this Strategy will mean that: 

1. It is easier for community members to access council services online anywhere, any time;

2. Council productivity improvements are realised through smart use of technology; 

3. Interoperability between councils and other levels of government is improved through greater collaboration and standardisation of systems and processes; and

4. ICT staff have appropriate skills and resources to advance their careers and deliver efficient and effective ICT services to their council and community. 

Download the MAV Technology Local Government ICT Strategy 2015-18

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MAV Technology is developing and implementing activities that will advance these strategic objectives and demonstrate leadership in ICT to support effective delivery of community services.